Important Things To Look At When Buying A Used Scissor Lift For Your Business

Scissor lifts can make all the difference if you own a business that works on things that are up high. Whether you own a painting company that paints homes and businesses or a retailer with a lot of tall shelves, a scissor lift prevents reliance on ladders and scaffolding and can really be the more efficient option. However, brand-new scissor lifts do require a substantial investment.

If you don't quite have room in your business budget for a new scissor lift, you may be looking at buying a used unit to get what you need for a lower investment cost. Of course, buying used means you must take special care to ensure you get a good unit. Here are a few things to check out before you make an offer on a used scissor lift for sale

How long has the battery been in use? 

If you are looking at a battery-powered scissor lift instead of an engine-powered scissor lift, one of the first things you will need to know is how long it has been since the battery has been replaced. These batteries are designed to be recharged repeatedly, but their life cycle only offers so many recharges before the battery needs to be rebuilt or replaced. You may come across some scissor lifts that have multiple batteries, which is always a nice find. Even though the battery is not the most expensive investment, it is something you will want to know about before you buy a unit. 

How long has it been since the hydraulic lift has been serviced?

The hydraulic lift of the scissor lift is the one thing that makes the unit functional, and it is also one of the most expensive things to have repaired when something goes wrong. Find out if there have ever been any issues with the hydraulic lift of the unit and how long it has been since the lift has been checked or serviced by a professional. 

Was the unit stored indoors or outdoors by the previous owner?

Even though it is best if a scissor lift is stored indoors, some owners do keep their unit outside. Outdoor storage can expose the scissor lift to a lot of moisture, which can mean the metal components of the lift are more likely to have issues with corrosion. Even the lift itself can have unseen issues if the scissor lift has not been protected from the elements.