3 Tips For Selling Your Idle Pallets

Each truckload of product that your company brings into its warehouse likely contains a number of pallets. Loading products onto pallets makes it easier to transport these items within a warehouse and onto a semi-truck for delivery.

If you have noticed a pile of idle pallets taking up space in your warehouse, it's time to consider getting rid of these pallets to free up valuable storage space. Do these three things before you begin selling your idle pallets to ensure the process goes smoothly.

1. Count Your Pallets

Before you can reach out to companies in an attempt to sell the pallets you are no longer using, you will need to know how many pallets you have available.

Large pallet companies are typically only interested in purchasing pallets by the truckload. If you have a smaller stockpile, you can reach out to local businesses or manufacturing facilities in an attempt to sell your pallets.

When you know how many pallets you need to get rid of, you have a starting point for negotiations.

2. Identify and Grade Your Pallets

Modern pallets come in many different shapes and sizes. These pallets often get reused and recycled, so the condition of your pallets could vary. You should take the time to determine what type of pallets are in your stockpile (custom or standard sizes), and use a consistent scale to measure the quality of the pallets as a whole.

Pallets that show minimal sign of wear will yield a lot of wood that can be salvaged and remade into pallets for future shipping. Damaged or worn pallets won't be quite as valuable, and you may not be able to sell damaged pallets back to a major shipping company.

3. Evaluate Pallet Volume

Before you begin trying to sell your pile of idle pallets, you should try to determine how often you amass a large volume of pallets. If your company regularly accepts large shipments that contain multiple pallets, you could find yourself needing to offload pallets often.

Forming a partnership with a pallet supplier can be a great way to ensure that your pallets don't start to pile up in the future. If it takes several months to amass a large volume of spare pallets, you can reach out to a pallet supplier on an as-needed basis.

You can turn your idle pallets into cash by taking a bit of time to evaluate your pallet stash and reach out to companies who might be interested in making a purchase.

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