Here's Why You Should Rent Some Scaffolding When Building A Treehouse In Your Yard

Are you getting ready to build a treehouse in your yard? Consider renting some scaffolding to help get the job done. Here are just a few good reasons to do so:

Enjoy Easy Preparations

Before you can start building your treehouse, you'll have to get up into the trees and take measurements, create a floorplan, and figure out where to mount your base. You can climb up on your own using rope as support, but you can expect to exert a lot of energy and risk falling while trying to use your tape measure and other tools.

Setting up scaffolding to walk on while you're taking measurements and making plans will make the process go a lot more smoothly. You'll save time and effort, and you will have plenty of surface to walk on without worrying about your footing or having to rely only on a rope in order to keep yourself stable.

Ensure Safety While Building

Scaffolding will help keep you safe while you're actually building your treehouse. You'll be working with tools, wood, and other materials while suspended in the air so you can use all of the support you can get. Outfitting yourself with a harness that is attached to a tree and using the scaffolding as support will minimize the chance that you will fall or injure yourself in some other way.  

Working on a ladder won't provide you with nearly as much stability of foot space as scaffolding will. And using just a harness and ropes may stop you from hitting the ground if you slip, but scaffolding will keep you from slipping in the first place. Scaffolding can save you a lot of money on hospital bills. It can even save your life.

Effectively Manage Large Pieces of Lumber

Another reason to consider renting scaffolding when building your treehouse is to optimize your ability to effectively manage large pieces of lumber. Whether it's plywood, 2 by 6's, or framing pieces, you can stack quite a bit of lumber on the scaffolding and save yourself the time and effort of having to transport one piece of lumber at a time up to the building site.

By planning ahead of time, you can transport a day's worth of lumber up to the scaffolding so it will be conveniently waiting when you're ready to use it. You should even be able to keep all of your tools handy while working on the scaffolding. 

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