Renting A Trencher For A Pipe Installation Project: Common FAQ

Whether you are in the process of installing a new water line, creating a drainage ditch, or otherwise digging a trench, renting a piece of equipment known as a trencher can be one of the best decisions. Digging trenches by hand is not only very physically demanding, it is also time-consuming. As you make your way to the heavy-duty equipment rental store to pick up a trencher, there are a few things you may want to know. 

Is a walk-behind or a ride-on trencher the better option?

Both types of trenchers can have their advantages, and it can come down to a matter of preference. Naturally, ride-on trenchers tend to be larger pieces of equipment, but they are easy to operate, not physically demanding, and tend to have a tight turning capability, which can be better for smaller or confined digging areas. Walk-behind trenchers do have their advantages as well, however. For one, walk-behinds are good for people who don't have a lot of experience operating ride-on heavy equipment pieces. Secondly, walk-behinds can be a little cheaper at most equipment rental places. 

Should you get a trencher that has a higher horsepower?

The higher the horsepower of the trencher, the more power it is going to have to dig through tough ground or dig a deeper trench. These qualities can be really important if you have a larger project in an area where the ground is relatively dense. For most regular trenching projects, however, a unit with lower horsepower will do just fine. For example, if you are installing a trench to accommodate a water line that has to be about 12 inches in the ground, you probably won't have issues if the unit does not boast a lot of horsepower. 

Can you get a trencher that works well in a compact location?

Trenchers are available in a lot of different sizes and styles, and there are some that are specifically designed to dig a trench in an area where there is just not a lot of space to work with. In general, walk-behinds can be better for some tighter spaces because they are not as large, but you also have to keep in mind that ride-on versions can have a shorter wheelbase, so they can usually make sharper turns. Talk to a representative at a heavy-duty equipment rental store. They will help you decide which unit will work the best for the application.