Industrial Companies: How To Prevent Machine Accidents In Your Factory

If machine-related accidents occur in your factory on a regular basis, change your safety control methods. Machines perform a variety of functions, including rotating, grinding, and cutting. Although there are some machines that have some safety features in place to reduce injuries, not all machines do. Workers who lack the skills or knowledge to operate certain equipment may also receive injuries. Learn how you can prevent machine accidents in your factory below.

Hire Better Trained Workers

Although it may be more cost-effective to hire entry-level machine operators, it may not always be in your best interest. Workers who have basic knowledge about machine operations may require additional training on the job before they can perform their duties safely. Workers who have very little training or understanding about machines and how they work may become injured on the job. 

If possible, consider hiring workers with a deep background in machine operations. The workers may have formal training and certification from a vocational school or college. Certified workers may know how to handle different machines safely and effectively. If you must use trainees or entry-level workers, only allow them to use machinery that fits their skills and knowledge.

There's another important step you can take to keep your workers from injuries. You can safeguard your machines.

Use Machine Control Safety Products

Some machines or their parts can be dangerous over time. Machines that nip, cut, or grind may require special control features that keep them safe during operation. Machine control safety products, such as emergency stop buttons and switches, may be some of the features you install on your machines.

In addition to emergency stop buttons and switches, you may want to place or install barriers or safety light curtains around some of your equipment. Safety light curtains may beep or flash when something or someone enters an unsafe working zone. Switches may automatically shut down equipment if someone comes too close the blades, cutters, or grinders.

Safety mirrors and foot control guards may also help you control or reduce the accidents in your factory. You install the mechanisms on your lifts, grinding equipment, and other important machines.

You can find all of the machine control safety products you need by contacting an industrial supplier. A supplier may need to assess your factory and equipment before they recommend the right products to you. 

For more details about machine control safety products, contact a supplier today.