Use Wire Mesh In Your Concrete Driveway

If you are getting a new driveway, you may be getting a concrete driveway. If you are doing that, you want to make sure that you are getting the strongest driveway possible. You will need to talk to the contractor pouring your driveway to see if they are using anything to reinforce the concrete. Ideally, they are using something like wire mesh. 

Wire Mesh

Concrete wire mesh is generally made of steel and is made up of a series of squares. It's like the screen in your window, only with larger squares and much heavier wire. While the mesh is usually made out of metal, it can also be made out of fibers of either natural or synthetic blends or a combination thereof. When installing the mesh, the site is first prepared, and the substrate is laid. Once that is done, then the mesh is rolled out and pinned down to the substrate. The mesh is often installed to be a little higher than the substrate so that concrete can get under it. After the mesh has been installed, it's time to pour the concrete to the required depth and let it dry and set. There are a number of reasons why you should make sure that your contractor is using wire mesh in your driveway. 

Weight Distribution 

The steel wire mesh will help distribute the weight of whatever goes on top of the driveway all the way through the driveway instead of just letting it rest in one spot. That weight distribution can help to keep the concrete in any one place break down because of the weight of the vehicle or other object parked on top of it. 

Structural Cohesiveness

Another reason to use wire mesh in your concrete driveway is that it will give the structure of your driveway more cohesion. It does this because the mesh gives the concrete something to hold on to. If your concrete were to crack, for whatever reason, the mesh can help keep the pieces together, which means that the crack won't be so bad, and it will be easier to patch. 

If you are getting a concrete driveway, talk to the paving contractor doing the job for you. Make sure that they are using wire mesh in your driveway so that you will end up with a driveway that will last for many years and be in good shape for those years.