Kneader Mixer Products

Thick, sticky substances and batches of raw dough or batter may require a cross mixing process. Cross mixing involves the use of two blades that each move in opposite directions. A kneader mixer is a machine that will thoroughly blend dense materials. 

Kneading Variables

A kneader mixer's wattage rating will determine how powerful a product's motor is. Some manufacturers of mixers may provide a conversion chart for each product they sell. This chart will indicate the amount of time savings that a consumer can expect to acquire by using an electric model in lieu of mixing products by hand. The desired bowl size and whether a unit is designed for home or industrial use should be identified, prior to shopping for a new kneader mixer.

Considerations for the recipes that will be followed and any drawbacks that are currently faced should also be made. If the preparation of products is currently limited, based upon not having a large enough bowl for some batches that need to be made, upgrading a mixer to a larger machine will support the expansion of products.

If a mixer will be an investment intended to support a business plan, purchasing a floor model or one that contains a bowl that is double or triple in size to the bowl that a current mixer utilizes may be beneficial to the proposed plans.

Bowl-Lift And Tilt-Head Models

A kneader mixer may contain a bowl-lift or tilt-head feature. Each feature will determine the method in which a bowl is attached and accessed. A bowl-lift kneader mixer contains a fixed head. The bowl can be lowered, which will allow an end user to remove the bowl for cleaning or storage purposes. Prior to mixing a fresh batch of ingredients, the bowl will need to be reattached and raised.

A tilt-head feature will allow the top of a mixer to be leaned backward. The tilt feature will need to be accessed when installing or removing a bowl. Some kneader mixers may be advertised as compatible units. This type of mixer may come with one or more bowls. The manufacturer of a compatible mixer may sell additional bowl sizes and bowl materials that can be used interchangeably.

Attachments are often used with both floor and tabletop kneader mixers. Some mixers may be constructed of a single material, such as stainless steel. Products may also be constructed of multiple materials, including metal, glass, and ceramic.

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