Why LEDs Are Perfect For Indicator Panel Lights

If you've had to replace or add indicator lights to an old panel, you've likely seen how many brands use LEDs now. Older styles of lighting, such as incandescents, are really no longer available for these uses. This isn't a bad thing; incandescents didn't last long and had a number of disadvantages compared to LEDs. Still, it can be tough to make a transition to a new form of technology, even one as simple as moving everything to LED bulbs. Taking time to remember why LED bulbs are so much better for things like indicator lights helps make the transition easier to handle.

You Don't Have to Pull Them out for Replacement Often

LEDs last so much longer than incandescents that it's possible the panel will reach the end of its usable life span before the LED bulbs burn out. That's less work for you, then, as you won't have to pull the indicator lights out for a long time to replace them. While LED bulbs can be more expensive than other forms of indicator lighting, prices have come down enough that new bulbs are affordable and easy to find.

They Don't Generate Component-Destroying Heat

Incandescent bulbs, which used to be the form of lighting used in indicator lights, gave off a lot of heat. LEDs don't, which makes them great to use in heat-sensitive equipment. While the tiny incandescent indicator lights didn't give off the same amount of heat as, say, a very bright bulb meant for floor lamps, it could still be an issue for sensitive circuitry. LEDs give off very little heat, eliminating that problem.

They Are Bright for a Long Time

New bulbs are bright, but that's especially the case for LEDs, which give off a crisp, clear light. They can fade as they get older, which means you get a warning about when it's time to replace them. However, because they last for so long, you might not notice any fading for years.

LEDs Can Be Tiny, Which Saves Space

LED bulbs are, comparatively speaking, tiny. The incandescents that used to be used in indicator lights had to be tiny, too, but LEDs take up so much less space to produce the same amount of light. Newer indicator panels can be more compact or fit more lights in them.

LED bulbs like the YuCo YC-22W-2  bulb give you bright, efficient light for indicator lights on panels. Enjoy the cost savings and cooler circuitry as you use the panel.