Timesaving Paint Tools

Tackling a large industrial paint job will not be cost-effective if you spend a long duration prepping surfaces or applying primer and paint. Some timesaving paint tools will support your decision to complete each paint project in a timely manner.

A Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer will provide a uniform finish. This type of equipment is often used to handle repetitive tasks, such as priming and painting walls, trim, and flooring. A cup gun is a small sprayer model that will contain a reservoir that paint will need to be poured into. A pneumatic sprayer is one that utilizes a compressor. This type of sprayer can handle large painting tasks. An airless electric sprayer will not require the use of extension pieces. This type of sprayer can handle small and large projects.

One of the largest benefits of using a sprayer is that you do not need to worry about inconsistencies in how primer or paint will be applied. A sprayer utilizes a tip, which will emit a fine mist of primer or paint. A sprayer can be used with any type of primer or paint.

Some cheaper sprayer models may contain plastic parts. A more durable sprayer model may be constructed mainly of metal. Backpack and cart paint sprayer models are versatile and will free up your hands while you are painting. Either type of paint sprayer can be used for indoor or outdoor primer and paint spraying techniques.

Liquid Painter's Tape

Liquid painter's tape is a product that is easier to apply than standard strips of tape. While performing industrial painting tasks, there will be multiple occasions in which hardware, trim, and other materials will need to be protected from the application of primer or paint.

Instead of carrying around a roll of tape that must be measured and cut, purchase a tube of liquid painter's tape. You can use this product to manually apply a liquid adhesive. You can also insert a tube of liquid tape into a caulk gun and use the tool to apply the liquid adhesive. An industrial-strength product will apply cleanly and dry quickly.

Perform a painting task in its entirety, prior to peeling off each strip of liquid tape and disposing of the adhesive pieces. If you will be using tape during a lot of upcoming projects, purchase a bucket of liquid tape and a refillable tape cartridge. The cartridge can be used for each individual taping application that needs to be conducted.

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