Tips For Implementing A Robotic Station In Your Land Surveying Business

If you're involved in the land surveying industry, you might have decided that it's time to invest in some new equipment for your business. You might have decided that you want to purchase a robotic total station such as a Carlson CRX series robotic total station, for example. If you're ready to implement a robotic total station for the first time and want to make sure that this big change goes as smoothly as possible, you'll probably want to follow these tips.

Understand Why You Need a Robotic Total Station

If you haven't purchased one of these stations yet, you might not fully understand all of the perks of doing so. However, you can make things easier for yourself when working on tough surveying jobs, provide your clients with more in-depth and accurate land surveys, and more if you invest in a robotic total station. Therefore, if you haven't made this investment yet, it's probably time for you to do it soon.

Learn About Everything your Robotic Station Can Do

You can't take full advantage of your robotic total station if you don't know everything that it can do. Of course, the specific features that your total station will have will depend on the specific unit that you purchase. Generally, you will be able to use a total station for things like evaluating layout points, measuring angles, measuring distances, and much more. Take the time to learn about all of your robotic station's features so that you can take full advantage of your investment and perform your land surveys in the best way possible.

Practice Using Your Robotic Station

You might want to set up your robotic station on your own property so that you can practice using it a little bit before you take it out into the field. Then, you can familiarize yourself with how to use it so that you can do the best possible work with it when you take it out for land surveying jobs.

Bring Along Your Other Tools

Even though it's true that you will probably be glad that you implemented the use of a robotic total station into your land surveying business, this doesn't mean that you should abandon all of the tools and techniques that you used before as soon as you invest in one of these stations. Instead, you should still bring along your GPS systems, theodolites, scanners, measuring tapes, and other equipment with you for each job. Then, you can make sure that you are fully equipped to do each land survey properly since you'll probably find that you will need to do some things the old-fashioned way while still taking full advantage of your robotic total station.